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SAGE News Clips: College and Workforce ReadinessDescription: To overcome what is commonly referred to as funneling students along particular paths--one that leads to higher education and the other into the “world of work”--Antioch High School students are learning to be successful in both arenas. Here we see students working in a biotech lab, medical facilities, and a machine shop. These classes are required for all students, not just those who have been told “I don’t have the capability of becoming a scientist,” as noted by student Alfredo Ochoa who participates in the district’s biotech program.Click on the above link to access the Interactive eBook. Once you’ve signed in, scroll to page 138, and watch the video. When you’ve finished watching the video, come back to the

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test, and answer the following questions:According to the video, Antioch’s program differs from ______ programs, which put young students on a path toward college or the workforce.

A. prescriptive
B. traditional
C. tracking
D. vocational
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Answer: C
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My hard work is paying off, with your help I'm almost graduated. So awesome, thanks.
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Your insight is valued, thanks.
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