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Current state of school counseling compared to the vision of the Education Trust
•     Education trust
•     Academic/student achievement focus
•     Whole school and system concerns/issues
•     Academic focus, building on student strengths
•     Leader, planner, program developer
•     Focus on academic counseling, learning and achievement, supporting student success
•     Integral members of educational team
•     Focused mission and role identification
•     Use of data to effect change
•     Advocates for inclusion in rigorous preparation for all – especially poor students and students of color
•     Teaming and collaboration with all educators in school in resolving issues involving the whole school and community
•     Agents for changes, especially for educational equity for all students
•     Involvement with students, parents, education professionals, community, community agencies
•     Brokers of services for parents and students from community resources/agencies as well as school system’s resources
•     Champions for creating pathways for all students to achieve high aspirations
•     Present focus
•     Mental health providers
•     Individual students’ concerns/issues
•     Clinical model focused on student deficits
•     Service provider, 1-1, and small groups
•     Primary focus on personal/social
•     Ancillary support personnel
•     Loosely defined role and responsibility
•     Gatekeepers
•     Sorters, selectors in course placement process
•     Work in isolation or with other counselors
•     Guardians of the status quo
•     Involvement primarily with students
•     Dependence on the use of system’s resources for helping students and families
•     Postsecondary planners with interested students
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These little things are so important – could not find an answer and it was driving me nuts, so thanks for this little thing that is actually really important.
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