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In Buddhist philosophy, both Hinayana and Mahayana refer to [Humanities] (2)
Moksha is the concept of the afterlife in [Humanities] (2)
Thomas à Becket's martyrdom is an example of [Humanities] (2)
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_____________________ was the first "talkie" movie [General Theatre] (3)
The earliest American musicals were what kind of musical? [General Theatre] (3)
The first operas originated in what country? [General Theatre] (3)
The Ziegfeld Follies is an example of what type of musical theatre? [General Theatre] (3)
_____________________ is the longest running off Broadway musical in American history [General Theatre] (3)
_____________________ is the longest running musical in Broadway history [General Theatre] (3)
The very first musical happened when a melodrama was combined with Parisian ballet dancers. What happened to make this possible? [General Theatre] (3)
When a song is sung a second time in a musical it is called a [General Theatre] (3)
Who wrote such famous musicals as Sweeney Todd and Sunday in the Park with George? [General Theatre] (3)
What term refers to the Hindi cinema? [General Theatre] (3)
The movie Chicago was based on a Broadway musical choreographed by... ____ [General Theatre] (3)
Which composer is the creator of Cats, Evita, The Phantom of the Opera, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat? [General Theatre] (3)
Who writes the book portion of a musical? [General Theatre] (3)
The song "Tonight" from West Side Story is an example of a ____ [General Theatre] (3)
A ____ is a program of satirical sketches, singing, and dancing on a particular theme [General Theatre] (3)
Which country produces more musicals today than any other? [General Theatre] (3)
What form of early American "entertainment" included comic scenes, dance interludes, and sentimental ballads, all based on white stereotypes of black life in the South? [General Theatre] (3)
Musicals that have particularly well-developed storylines, characters and spoken dialogue are called [General Theatre] (3)
Musicals that have less spoken dialogue than music, such as Les Misérables and Evita, are also known as [General Theatre] (3)
Which type of Opera is sometimes called light opera? [General Theatre] (3)
Which play, produced in 1866, is often called the first modern musical? [General Theatre] (3)
What musical combined comedy and serious drama to create what we know today as the American musical? [General Theatre] (3)
A big musical number that results in a torrent of applause is called [General Theatre] (3)
A play without music is sometimes called [General Theatre] (3)
A musical has three parts: the music with orchestrated melodies; the lyrics or the sung words; and the spoken lines of dialogue. What other name describes the spoken lines? [General Theatre] (3)