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Interviewing operating personnel, identifying the objectives of the auditee, identifying standards used to evaluate performance, and assessing the risk inherent in the auditee's operations are activities typically performed in which phase of an internal [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
Among the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act's requirements is one requiring: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
In planning an operational audit, an on-site survey could assist with all of the following, except: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
Internal auditors are an important part of the internal control structures of all types of organizations [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
An operational audit report which deals with the scrap disposal function in a manufacturing company is most likely to address: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
The Dodd-Frank Act requires auditors to report on broker-dealer compliance with internal control: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
Which of the following best describes the scope of internal auditing as it has developed to date? [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
Kent is auditing an entity's compliance with requirements governing a major federal financial assistance program in accordance with the Single Audit Act. Kent detected noncompliance with requirements that have a material effect on that program. Kent's [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
Operational auditing has grown in importance over the last few decades [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
The scope of an internal audit is initially defined by the: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
According to the IIA's Standards, an internal auditor's working papers should be reviewed by the: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
In governmental accounting, emphasis is placed on: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
The internal auditing department provides information about control and quality of performance to: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
Management is beginning to take corrective action on personnel department deficiencies reported during the last internal audit. According to the IIA's Standards, the internal auditor should: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
Many government and nonprofit organizations are required to have an audit in accordance with Government Auditing Standards [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
Requirements of federal financial assistance programs that involve significant national policy are known as: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
In an audit in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards, the auditors must test compliance with those laws and regulations that: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
Costs paid with federal assistance that appear to be in violation of a law or regulation are known as: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
Compliance auditing procedures are: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
In an audit in accordance with Government Auditing Standards, the auditors are required to provide a report on: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
The GAO standards of reporting for governmental financial audits incorporate the AICPA standards of reporting and prescribe supplemental standards to satisfy the unique needs of governmental audits. Which of the following is a supplemental reporting [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
For the highest degree of independence, the director of internal auditing should report directly to: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
The primary purpose of the internal auditors' evaluation of internal control is to: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
When performing an audit of a city in accordance with the Single Audit Act, an auditor should adhere to: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
A primary purpose of operational auditing standards is to provide: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
Which of the following is not one of the attribute standards of the IIA's Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing? [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
Which of the following types of audits is designed to determine that an organization has complied with the specific requirements of major financial assistance programs? [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
In an audit in accordance with Government Auditing Standards, the auditors are required to provide a report on: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)
The operational auditors' preliminary conclusions about potential problem areas are summarized as: [Accounting & Taxation] (3)