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About the Business category [Business] (1)
One of the potential drawbacks of going international is that interdependencies among multiple countries cannot be exploited [Management] (2)
Who among the following was the first individual to follow the management practice of wage incentives and production control? [Management] (2)
Why do some managers have difficulties in delegating authority? Of these reasons, which do you think would be the most significant issue for you? [Management] (1)
Discuss what an entrepreneur might do in order to increase the success rate of his or her small business [Business Skills] (3)
What are the phases of production planning [Management] (1)
Management scholars have argued that future economic and strategic advantage will rest with the organizations that can most effectively attract, develop and retain a diverse group of the best and the brightest human talent in the market place. [Management] (2)
Which of the following is a common error at the data-gathering stage?​ [Business Communications] (4)
A Kenyan proverb states, "When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers." [Management] (1)
Are the high endorsement fees associated with celebrities worth the investment? Would companies like Tag Heuer and Nike better serve their customers by discontinuing endorsee advertising and then using those savings to drop the cost of their products? [Marketing] (2)
Many companies include a "morals clause" in celebrity and athlete agreements. What type of requirements might you require if you were drafting the language for this clause? [Marketing] (2)
Do any of you eat Kellog's Corn Flakes or wear Nike apparel? Do athletes like Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods influence purchasing decisions based on the use of illegal drugs, or through marital indescretions? [Marketing] (2)
Do athletes and celebrity endorsees have a responsibility to behave in a certain "ethical" fashion? Are they required to serve as role models when they choose to be public and endorse mainstream products such as Kellogg's cereal and Nike sports apparel? [Marketing] (2)
Are celebrities really victims of the state of our culture? Does society set the standards for what is acceptable in life and produce endorsements? [Marketing] (2)
Environment and Business in St. Tropez [Management] (3)
Sometimes, even the best evidence can fail to be persuasive--and providing too much evidence will not convince your audience to support your claim [Decision Science] (2)
Explain why using the universal philosophical approach may be better than biblical or religious law, constitutional or state law, moral realism, guilt or moral relativism as a moral standard when faced with an ethical dilemma [Business Law] (2)
Entrepreneurs are characterized by ___ [Management] (1)
Answer the following statements true (T) or false (F) [Management] (2)
_____________________ occurs when representatives of the employer and representatives of its workers negotiate the terms and conditions of employment [Management] (2)
Match the following terms and descriptions [Management] (4)
Match the following terms and descriptions [Management] (4)
In what ways have unions been both a positive and negative force in society? [Management] (4)
What are the 5 major ways of achieving workplace governance? Give brief explanation of each [Management] (4)
The Occupy Wall Street movement consists of activities who are protesting against social and economic inequality [Management] (4)
According to the mainstream economics school, how are efficiency, equity and voice achieved in society? What does this school of thought have to say about the role of government and unions? [Management] (4)
Explain how each of the four schools of thought would respond to the following question: Are employer and employees equals in the labor market and legal arena? [Management] (4)
According to the industrial relations school, how are efficiency, equity and voice achieved in society? What does this school of thought have to say about the role of government and unions? [Management] (4)
How is conflict conceptualized differently under the unitarist and pluralistic views of conflict in society? [Management] (4)
Describe some of the stereotypes that exist about unions in the U.S. Explain how the various elements of popular culture reinforce these stereotypes [Management] (4)