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The level of conformity is the degree to which the family emphasizes embracing the same [Speech Communication] (4)
The span between impersonal and interpersonal is best describe as? [Speech Communication] (2)
A goal of visual communication is create ________ images that challenge and enrich a person's life [Journalism] (3)
According to ________, "Photography is the only ‘language' understood in all parts of the world, and bridging all nations and cultures." [Journalism] (3)
________ developed the Blisssymbolics pictograph system [Journalism] (3)
Canadian media critic ________ was one of the first to write of the challenges of globalization [Journalism] (3)
Images can be recalled more easily when they invoke emotional and________ thoughts [Journalism] (3)
According to the author, the element that links all the chapters together is ________ [Journalism] (3)
Graffiti is a social problem for cities around the world mainly because it is ________ [Journalism] (3)
________ were symbols used to communicate with others who couldn't read [Journalism] (3)
Photographer ________ uses non-traditional lighting methods including candles, flashlights, and lasers [Journalism] (3)
The original name of the social networking site Facebook was ________ [Journalism] (3)
The science fiction writer who coined the phrase cyberspace was ________ [Journalism] (3)
Combining two of more existing applications into a distinct service is called a ________ [Journalism] (3)
If Web 1.0 was about reading, Web 2.0 is about ________ and________ [Journalism] (3)
An important issue facing visual communicators is ________ versus ________ [Journalism] (3)
URL stands for ________ [Journalism] (3)
The most successful wiki to date is ________ [Journalism] (3)
________ is Hawai'ian for fast [Journalism] (3)
Yahoo was created by ________ and ________ [Journalism] (3)
One of the first commercially successful search engines was ________ [Journalism] (3)
The first computer-based network data organizer was called ________ [Journalism] (3)
The first web browser, Mosaic was invented by college students ________ [Journalism] (3)
The British computer engineer responsible for the web is ________ [Journalism] (3)
________ was the first commercial use of networked computers [Journalism] (3)
The internet has its roots in the American military concerned about ________ [Journalism] (3)
The term to describe the fact that all media of presentations rely on computer technology to some degree is called ________ [Journalism] (3)
The Google search engine makes money by selling advertisements and ________ [Journalism] (3)
Google was created by ________ and ________ [Journalism] (3)