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The categories Asian American, African American, and white are examples of _____ identities [Speech Communication] (3)
A littlegirl is handed a doll and told to play inside the house while a little boy is sent outside with a ball. Thisdifferentiationis prescribedby _____ [Speech Communication] (3)
Barbara is not pleased that her son Steven has not moved out of the house yet at thirty years of age and still expects her to do his laundry, dishes, and cleaning [Speech Communication] (3)
Kevin’s parents immigrated to the United States from Ethiopia before he was born, so he is a U.S. citizen. However, he feels close ties to his family’s past and speaks both English and Amharic. Which of the following describes his national identity? [Speech Communication] (3)
Chelsea was pulled over by a police officer for speeding. During their interactions, Chelsea was extremely polite, maintaining steady eye contact the entire time the police officer questioned her and gave her a ticket. They both acted this way due to [Speech Communication] (3)
Treating others, and expecting to be treated, with dignity is referred to as _____ [Speech Communication] (3)
Matt’s rugby coach told him that he should try out for a travel team because his skill set is much better than that of his current teammates. Matt now has more confidence than before and sees himself as a great rugby player because of this feedback [Speech Communication] (3)
The idea that people’s self-images are shaped by the ways others view them is called _____ [Speech Communication] (3)
Secondary identities are more _____ than primary identities [Speech Communication] (3)
A high schooler would be focusing on her collective or social identity by _____ [Speech Communication] (3)
If a professor treats students with respect during classes, the students may view themselves as more valuable and mature. This is an example of how communication interactions create and shape _____ [Speech Communication] (3)
Explain why it is important to understand the role that individual communicators play in the various communication models [Speech Communication] (3)
Identify and describe two methods critical scholars use in their research on culture [Speech Communication] (3)
Compare and contrast the social scientific and interpretive approach by describing the strengths and limitations of each approach [Speech Communication] (3)
A combination of the social science, interpretive, and critical approaches of communication results in the _____ Model of communication [Speech Communication] (3)
Explain the ethical issues that social science researchers should be concerned with [Speech Communication] (3)
Explain the difference between a paradigm, a method, and a theory, and give an example of each [Speech Communication] (3)
Researchers often share their conclusions with study participants, a process known as _____, to ensure that their findings reflect the views of their participants [Speech Communication] (3)
The analysis of popular culture texts, such as movies and social media, is common within the _____ approach [Speech Communication] (3)
When creating the interpretive approach, scholars were influenced by rhetoric and _____ [Speech Communication] (3)
In a(n) _____ study, researchers actively engage with participants through observation and interviewing [Speech Communication] (3)
Becoming frustrated with the way his friends treated him, Chen resorted to _____ communication by yelling at them [Speech Communication] (3)
A situation where an individual tries to get his or her partner to start exercising, but the partner responds by arguing and leaving, is an example of a demand-_____ interaction pattern [Speech Communication] (3)
Amelia wants to figure out how many times her girlfriend texts the word “love” during their conversations,so she applies _____ methods toconvert the data to numerical indicators [Speech Communication] (3)
A(n) _____ is a set of statements that explains a particular phenomenon [Speech Communication] (3)
A(n) _____ is a belief system that focuses on a set of assumptions about knowledge, reality, and human nature [Speech Communication] (3)
Answer the following statements true (T) or false (F) [Speech Communication] (3)
Answer the following statements true (T) or false (F) [Speech Communication] (3)
Answer the following statements true (T) or false (F) [Speech Communication] (3)