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Net neutrality is defined as "the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites." [Information Technology] (1)
2016 Presidential Campaign Hack [Information Technology] (2)
RAM is a type of memory which is _____ and _____ [Information Technology] (2)
Tony manages a music store. His server is a desktop PC in the room upstairs, which is connected to a point-of-sale terminal in the store [Information Technology] (1)
What is netiquette? Go online or design your own netiquette "rules." Why is being a good online citizen important? What is the downside of a wide-open uncontrolled society of online users? [Information Technology] (1)
Using an open wireless network to access the Internet without permission is called [Information Technology] (3)
TCP/IP is the default protocol installed on Linux computers [Information Technology] (3)
You must install special software to create a peer-to-peer network [Information Technology] (3)
A router is a device that connects two or more networks together [Information Technology] (3)
When devices connect through a wireless access point, they form an infrastructure wireless network [Information Technology] (3)
Computers cannot have more than one network adapter installed at a time [Information Technology] (3)
A metropolitan area network (MAN)covers a single geographic area [Information Technology] (3)
Most LANs are configured in a physical star or hybrid topology [Information Technology] (3)
It's not possible to share files between computers running Windows and Linux [Information Technology] (3)
In a client–server network, all computersare considered equal [Information Technology] (3)
SharePoint is the practice of using social media sites to sell products and services [Information Technology] (3)
Crowdsourcing means obtaining the collective opinion of a crowd of people rather than the individual opinion of an expert [Information Technology] (3)
Like a wiki, a blog usually has many authors [Information Technology] (3)
You can find and play podcasts by using a podcast client or media player program, such as iTunes [Information Technology] (3)
User-generated content includes videos and photos posted online but not what is written and said [Information Technology] (3)
A viral video spreads computer viruses [Information Technology] (3)
Social media enables users to create user-generated content, connect, network, and share [Information Technology] (3)
Using the Short Message Service (SMS), you can send brief electronic messages between mobile devices [Information Technology] (3)
Email is not private and can be read by others [Information Technology] (3)
Chat is a service that allows phone calls to be transmitted over the Internet instead of traditional phone lines [Information Technology] (3)
Much of the Internet consists of user-generated content that should be critically [Information Technology] (3)
Every device on the Internet must have a unique IP address [Information Technology] (3)
It's necessary to type http:// when entering a URL in your browser [Information Technology] (3)
Microsoft Silverlight is a popular web browser [Information Technology] (3)