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About the Counseling category [Counseling] (1)
Yalom's theory focused on all below except [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (2)
According to creativity in counseling, creativity [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (1)
Constructivist theorists posit that development is woven throughout the life span in a continuous process involving [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (1)
The goal of reality therapy is to [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (1)
Which of the following is not consistent with rational emotive behavior therapy? [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (1)
Reality therapy is less beneficial for the following clients: [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (1)
In reality therapy, the skilled counselor or therapist treats behavior as: [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (1)
The DBT model proposes that a successful counseling intervention must meet five critical functions. Which of the following is not one of these functions? [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (4)
Which of the following is true about REBT? [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (1)
Cognitive therapy has been criticized for its focus on: [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (2)
Regarding multicultural counseling, narrative therapy has been found to be particularly effective because: [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (2)
Which of these solution-focused therapy techniques involves asking clients to describe times in their lives they were able to solve their problem or when their problem was less severe? [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (2)
Insoo Kim Berg referred to the unique position of the constructivist counselor during therapy as [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (2)
The first person to introduce the subjects of consciousness, spiritualism, and psychical research into the mental health fields was: [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (2)
According to REBT, certain values promote emotional adjustment and mental health. Which of the following is not one of these values? [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (2)
DBT is driven by three theories. Which of the following is not one of those? [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (2)
According to Glasser, human behaviors are composed of: [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (2)
In practicing reality therapy, counselors and therapists focus on: [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (2)
According to Ellis, the shoulds, oughts, and musts fall under which of the following categories? [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (3)
Which of the following is not consistent with REBT theory? [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (2)
In reality therapy, the environment or counseling or psychotherapeutic atmosphere includes which of the following? [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (2)
______________ is the sense of personal competence or feelings of mastery [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (2)
__________________________ is a structured therapy package combining mindfulness and yoga, usually in an eight-week program with a one day intensive treatment [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (2)
Ethical principles to guide public interest lobbying have been developed. These include [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (3)
Some other tips to increase your effectiveness include recognizing that [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (3)
When making contact with legislators it is helpful to [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (3)
In order to effectively make your argument [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (3)
An important step in participating in the lobbying process is to [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (3)
Putting together a lobbying effort requires that you [Introductory & Advanced Courses] (3)