Criminal Justice

Electives / Upper Level Core / Introductory
About the Criminal Justice category [Criminal Justice] (1)
When it comes to age, most illegal drug users are relatively __________ [Criminal Justice] (3)
In reality, __________ drugs are more dangerous than illegal drugs [Criminal Justice] (3)
The two approaches of the __________ are punitive, or using law to stop the supply of drugs; and supportive, or using drug treatment to reduce the demand for drugs [Criminal Justice] (3)
____________ is the latest popular drug, which makes its users feel good but is seen as dangerous [Criminal Justice] (3)
According to Howard Becker, the first step in the process of learning to become a marijuana user is learning the __________ to get high [Criminal Justice] (3)
According to economic __________ theory, drugs fulfill a need for status that is unavailable among the poor [Criminal Justice] (3)
Police brutality and forcing Native Americans off their lands are two examples of __________ violence [Criminal Justice] (3)
The "champagne of drugs" or "caviar among drugs" is __________ [Criminal Justice] (3)
Most drug users are males [Criminal Justice] (3)
One characteristic of white-collar criminals is that they see themselves as respectable persons, maintaining a noncriminal __________ [Criminal Justice] (3)
The __________ perspective argues that prostitution is a by-product of the patriarchal system [Criminal Justice] (3)
Tax and securities violations and embezzlement are two examples of white-collar deviance committed as part of one's __________ [Criminal Justice] (3)
The use of marijuana is popular among the higher income strata [Criminal Justice] (3)
___________ theory suggests that prostitution exists because it is encouraged by society's moral system and preserves the sexual morality of respectable women [Criminal Justice] (3)
Heroin is the most widely used drug among the poor [Criminal Justice] (3)
Kenneth Lay of Enron and Scott Sullivan of WorldCom are two examples of corporate __________ [Criminal Justice] (3)
According to the Supreme Court, any conduct that makes the workplace so hostile or abusive that an employee finds it hard to perform a job is actually __________ [Criminal Justice] (3)
__________ deviance is both criminal and noncriminal forms of economic deviance carried out by high-status people as part of their occupations [Criminal Justice] (3)
Heroin is the most widely used drug among the rich [Criminal Justice] (3)
Ambiguity in laws generally leads to greater corruption [Criminal Justice] (3)
Those who exchange partners for sex are generally known as __________ [Criminal Justice] (3)
Persons who smoke do so because they are addicted and do not receive any benefits from the behavior [Criminal Justice] (3)
The complexity and ambiguity of the tax laws have led to greater proliferation tax evasion [Criminal Justice] (3)
According to the __________ position on pornography, pornography is harmful to women, because it promotes violence and discrimination against them [Criminal Justice] (3)
One reason why OxyContin and other painkillers were easily abused was because doctors, who were prodded to prescribe more painkillers, did not have much experience dealing with such drugs [Criminal Justice] (3)
False claims made through advertisements are illegal [Criminal Justice] (3)
For the majority of women entering the prostitution trade, __________ is the primary motivating factor [Criminal Justice] (3)
Two drug treatment programs are aversion therapy and therapeutic communities [Criminal Justice] (3)
The majority of people who commit white collar crimes are prosecuted [Criminal Justice] (3)