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Using the TRA method, a menu planner assigns a dish to contribute 7% of its sales price to profit. The company's overhead expenses represent 66% of sales. This dish has a food cost of $3.96 and a preliminary sales price of ________ [Food Science] (4)
Identify four jobs in the food safety and inspection area of the food industry [Food Science] (3)
What education is required for a chef certification? [Food Science] (3)
What background or education is generally required to obtain a job in research and development in any are of the food industry? [Food Science] (3)
List the five thinking skills needed in the new workplace [Food Science] (3)
What is the largest manufacturing industry in the world? [Food Science] (3)
Name 10 reasons why an interview may fail [Food Science] (3)
What is the difference between a letter of application and a letter of inquiry? [Food Science] (3)
List the parts of a résumé [Food Science] (3)
Define entrepreneur [Food Science] (3)
What are the six basic skills required in the workplace? [Food Science] (3)
Discuss the role of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein, and fats in maintaining health [Food Science] (3)
Explain type 2 diabetes [Food Science] (3)
Discuss the possible dietary causes of diarrhea [Food Science] (3)
What are the health issues associated with being overweight or obese? [Food Science] (3)
Define and give an example of a phytonutrient [Food Science] (3)
Name three eating disorders [Food Science] (3)
Identify 10 digestive disorders [Food Science] (3)
What is the BMI for a male who is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 230 pounds? [Food Science] (3)
Find the suggested daily caloric intakes for a highly active 22-year-old male and a highly active female [Food Science] (3)
What is the difference between famine and undernourishment? [Food Science] (3)
What is an essential challenge to improving access to food? [Food Science] (3)
List the four common misconceptions about the causes of hunger [Food Science] (3)
Define food security [Food Science] (3)
List the seven steps identified by the United Nations for eliminating hunger [Food Science] (3)
What three things does world hunger usually mean? [Food Science] (3)
List four ways technology research can help with hunger [Food Science] (3)
In developing countries, where do many of those who suffer from hunger live? [Food Science] (3)
What are the three effects of hunger on children? [Food Science] (3)