About the Deviant category (1)
Across america which societal condition is rising rapidly (1)
What have archival analyses of sexually explicit materials revealed about pornography usage? (2)
Masters and Johnson concluded that, when it came to orgasms ________ (2)
A drag queen who is gay and who cross-dresses would probably not be diagnosed with transvestic disorder because (3)
Which of the following is true regarding masturbation during early childhood? (2)
According to the NYGS, the most recent survey of gang membership estimates that there are _____ gang members in the United States (3)
Sophia and Miguel, who are both in their 70s, are consulting a sex therapist regarding how to improve their sex lives. What advice is the sex therapist likely to give them? (3)
Which of the following is the BEST description of the seduction myth? (3)
Carmen feels guilty regarding her frequent sexual fantasies, because although the content of her fantasies is unusual, it is not harmful to her or others. What would the authors of the text likely tell her? (3)
A therapist instructs Mrs. Weaver: "Stimulate your husband's penis until he feels ejaculation is about to happen, then stop all stimulation for a while. Continue with stimulation and then stop, repeating until he can tolerate longer periods of stimulation without ejaculating." What sexual dysfunction is being treated? (3)
As discussed in the textbook, "spring break sex" (low-commitment sex) often represents a "good deal" for men and a "bad deal" for women. Interestingly, both men and women tend to travel in same-sex packs during spring break. Moreover, ____ (3)
Using the term "gasping for breath" instead of "had trouble breathing" is an example of what language style technique? (3)
A police officer is on duty and playing a pick -up game of basketball with some local teens as part of public relations. He is tapped to sit out while someone else goes in, and he sits on a bench near some backpacks (3)
Frotteurism involves urges to (3)
Henry likes to rub his penis up against other people on crowded buses. Henry is a(n) (3)
The term masturbation refers to __________ (2)
What is the term for the reflex where the baby moves its legs when held upright with feet touching the floor? (3)
____ describes a female's first menstruation, whereas ____ describes a male's first ejaculation of sperm (2)
A baby who pulls a cloth toward herself to achieve the main goal of grabbing a toy is demonstrating (3)
Eve touches the cheek of her two-month-old daughter, Elise. In response, Elise turns her head toward the touch in search of something to suck. Elise is demonstrating the __________ reflex (2)
Throwing objects, pushing, grabbing, hitting, beating, and choking are types of ________ (3)
The biological aspects of sexuality that include experiencing pleasure or orgasm is called ________ (3)
In terms of consent and paraphilias, ________ (3)
When examining the idea that women secretly want to be raped because they report fantasizing about it, it is important to remember that ________ (3)
The risk level associated with contracting herpes, genital warts, and pubic lice while having vaginal intercourse with a condom is ________ (3)
What is a disadvantage of the man-on-top coital position? (3)
Although Oscar and Penelope decided to wait to have intercourse, they agreed to make oral sex a part of their relationship. Is there anything they should know about oral sex? (3)
Oral sex involves two distinct behaviors called _______ and _______ (3)
Which of the following is a commonly believed myth regarding the stimulation of breasts and nipples? (3)