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About the Education category [Education] (1)
Ingredients in commercially jarred baby foods are listed in ____________________ order based on the amount of each item present [Early Childhood Education] (1)
Which two Food Guide Pyramid food groups are the major contributors of iron, thiamin, and niacin? Is it safe to assume that if a child’s iron intake is adequate, it is likely that his or her thiamin and niacin needs are also being met? [Early Childhood Education] (1)
Preschoolers tend to grow in ____________________—first increasing in height, then in weight [Early Childhood Education] (1)
A grade is a: [Student Success] (1)
Define the opportunity cost of getting your college degree by analyzing what steps and economic factors a potential student must make [Student Success] (2)
According to the text, neat handwriting and knowledge of outlining are the main requirements for taking effective notes [Student Success] (3)
Advantages of using a three-ring binder to organize your notes include: [Student Success] (1)
According to the text, the best instructors disguise their true level of interest in a topic [Student Success] (1)
What is Response to Intervention? [Early Childhood Education] (3)
Strategies to move from novice to expert stage [Educational Psychology & Tests] (1)
Funding for children scoring above 130 (2% of the population) is minimal or nonexistent. Why? What are the ramifications? Whose responsibility is it to address this discriminatory practice? [Educational Psychology & Tests] (1)
Describe three strategies elementary teachers can use to help their students develop positive self-concepts in the early elementary school years [Educational Psychology & Tests] (1)
Repeating a grade is a strong dropout predictor, with ___________% of retained students eventually dropping out [Educational Psychology & Tests] (3)
Graphic signals include: [Student Success] (2)
Children at a lower socioeconomic level score___ to ____IQ points below middle class children [Educational Psychology & Tests] (3)
Which of the following is unlikely to be a key concern in a child care facility whose primary goal is research and teacher preparation? [Foundations / Introductory Courses] (2)
During acquisition instruction, teachers are advised to use what procedure? [Educational Psychology & Tests] (4)
About the Career Category [Career Development] (1)
__________ realistically connects each child to the curriculum and provides information that reflects the philosophy of the program [Early Childhood Education] (3)
__________ and privacy regarding all observation and assessment processes need to be maintained at all times [Early Childhood Education] (3)
Checklists, rating scales, digital cameras, videos and tape recordings, portfolios with samples of the children’s work, and anecdotal records provide methods of __________ [Early Childhood Education] (3)
__________ is a way of acknowledging your efforts to provide quality curriculum for young children [Early Childhood Education] (3)
__________ may take many forms, including listening to what children say, observing what they do, and appraising and predicting their behavior [Early Childhood Education] (3)
__________ may take many forms, including listening to what children say, observing what they do, and appraising and predicting their behavior [Early Childhood Education] (3)
Services to a child with special needs would be described in a(n) __________ and include reasonable expectations for the child to accomplish in a year [Early Childhood Education] (3)
The intent of __________ is to measure all the children in the same way [Early Childhood Education] (3)
__________ are short and usually written down after the event [Early Childhood Education] (3)
Collecting samples of the children’s work and creating a __________ is a valuable documentation method [Early Childhood Education] (3)
Ongoing observation and documentation of children is __________, which provides information about their needs, interests, and curriculum development [Early Childhood Education] (3)