Health & Biomechanics

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About the Health & Biomechanics category [Health & Biomechanics] (1)
Exercise helps: [Fitness & Wellness] (2)
Only _____ percent of college students report sleeping 8 hours daily [Fitness & Wellness] (2)
A client is brought to the hospital because of severe abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. The client reports increased pain in the abdomen and in the epigastric region radiating to the back when lying supine [Pathophysiology] (2)
Which cardiometabolic risk factor is within an individual's control? [Fitness & Wellness] (3)
Which characteristic is a sign of metabolic syndrome? [Fitness & Wellness] (2)
For an individual who has diabetes, _____ [Fitness & Wellness] (2)
Monica has been trying to lose weight for about a year. Throughout the past year she has educated herself on the guidelines of good nutrition and exercise [Fitness & Wellness] (2)
What is an objective of body-building exercises? [Fitness & Wellness] (1)
Many schools alert incoming female students about what researchers call the "____," a period of time early in one's first undergraduate year when women are at particularly high risk for unwanted sexual experiences [Health & Biomechanics] (2)
The primary sites of lymphoid tissue include: [Immunology] (2)
The medical term for excessive anterior curve of the lumbar spine is: [Medical Terminology] (2)
Carolyn has maintained a healthy body weight by exercising regularly and eating right for more than five years. She is considered to be in the ____ stage of the transtheoretical model of change [Health] (3)
Which behavior modification principle involves surrounding yourself with people who will work toward a common goal with you or who care about you and will encourage you along the way? [Fitness & Wellness] (3)
What is the leading cause of death in the United States? [Health] (3)
John does not believe he will get lung cancer from smoking cigarettes; therefore, he does not intend to quit smoking. John is in the ____ stage of the transtheoretical model of change [Health] (3)
The ____ memorizes events that are pleasurable and rewarding.​ [Health] (3)
The leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States is ____ [Fitness & Wellness] (3)
An innovative role for a pharmacy technician may include [Pharmacology] (3)
An example of an innovative role for a pharmacist is: [Pharmacology] (3)
The role of a pharmacist that functions outside of a defined pharmacy practice is called [Pharmacology] (3)
What is one of the activities that a clinical pharmacy technician may perform? [Pharmacology] (3)
An example of a specialized role for a pharmacist is [Pharmacology] (3)
Pharmacy roles that focus on one aspect of pharmacy practice are called: [Pharmacology] (3)
A pharmacy technician performing a check of another pharmacy technician's work is called: [Pharmacology] (3)
Disease management programs are one of the expanded roles of the pharmacist; which disease might the pharmacist play a role in implementing a therapy regimen? [Pharmacology] (3)
Roles that are above and beyond traditional pharmacy roles are termed: [Pharmacology] (3)
Which organization regulates the roles and responsibilities of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians? [Pharmacology] (3)
The study of how genetics affects drug metabolism and response in patients is called: [Pharmacology] (3)
The piece of legislation that made the distinction between prescription and nonprescription drugs was the [Pharmacology] (3)