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About the Health Professions category [Health Professions] (1)
The reform movement responsible for supporting measures such as cleaning up street garbage and creating cleaner sources for drinking water is referred to as __________ [Public Health] (2)
Which one of the following statements is not accurate when using ICD-10-CM for coding newborn conditions? [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (2)
Which is not a standard of the USP Good Compounding Practices and Chapter <795>? [Pharmacy Technician] (1)
Select the correct code for each of the diagnoses: German measles: [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (2)
Chest x-ray and isotope bone scan [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
Discharge diagnoses: [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
Clinic note [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
VISIT REASON: Follow up of (1)________. The patient was recently seen in the emergency room on 05/06 and was placed on (2)________ and prednisone because of right facial shingles. She still continues to have right facial pain with tenderness over the ear but no difficulty in hearing. The patient also complains of tenderness on the right side of the face, lip, and the right side of the neck. The [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
SUBJECTIVE: The patient is here for followup of an infected (1)_________, which was removed. The (2)________ was removed last week, and the wound was noted to be erythematous with mild (3)________ discharge and warmth. Patient was placed on Keftab. Patient took her last Keftab today. She states the lesion is nontender. It has had no discharge or warmth. Patient also needs a refill of her Celexa [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
Soap note [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
SUBJECTIVE: The patient is here complaining of a (1)________ of her arthritic pain. She gets arthritic pain in her knees, ankle, back, and spine. She has a problem taking (2)________ secondary to GI upset. The patient has a history of rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, (3)________, and osteoarthritis. She is currently on Plaquenil. She had to self-discontinue her (4)________ secondary to GI [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
Clinic note [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
Soap note [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
Lumbar mri [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
Dear Doctor: [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
Two weeks post hydrodilatation of the bladder, with the findings consistent with (1)________ cystitis. At this time, she continues to have, and in fact may have, worse symptoms of (2)________, frequency, dysuria, (3)________ discomfort, and low back pain. Her frequency appears to be less than prior to hydrodilatation. She has completed her course of (4)________ 100 mg p.o. b.i.d., (5)________ 5 [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
SUBJECTIVE: A 35-year-old white female here for well-woman exam. She is (1)________, P2. None in the past year secondary to Depo-Provera use and a history of (2)________. Patient is sexually active with one partner. She is married. Last (3)________ 1 year ago, within normal limits. The patient has not had a baseline (4)________ done. She does self-breast exams sporadically. No history of uterine, [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
Bilateral mammograms [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
Dear Dr. ______, [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
Operative note [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
HISTORY: This is a 55-year-old gentleman who comes with complaints of chest discomfort radiating to his right arm. It lasts a few seconds [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
This is a hospital followup of this 63-year-old gentleman who was recently discharged for congestive heart failure [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
SUBJECTIVE: A 12-year-old female who has had 3 to 4 days of a (1) ________ cough. She did have a temperature to 101; this has subsequently resolved. She has had a headache and body aches. She has had no nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. She denies any sore throat. She has general malaise. Her (2) _________ intake has been adequate [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
CHEST: (1) ________ and Lateral [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
SUBJECTIVE: Here for a sore throat, (1)________ at the ears and sinuses, and redness of her eyes bilaterally. She has had no fever, chills, nausea or vomiting. She has had some greenish-yellow discharge from her sinuses and mild discomfort. She has a history of (2) ________ in the past [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
S: The patient presents complaining of left eye irritation for about 1 week’s duration. There is associated itching, and she admits to rubbing the eye a great deal. She denies any discharge from the eye. There is no history of trauma. She does have a strong atopic history and is (1)________, and well-controlled on (2)________ [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
The patient presents today with the complaint of nasal (1)__________ and postnasal drip, with watery eyes. The patient is 30 years old and has a history of allergies in the past. She reports having had allergy therapy as a child, with some relief of her symptoms. She moved to this area approximately 5 years ago and did well for the first 2 years and then started developing these symptoms over the [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
The patient is a 5-year-old boy who presents with a 2-day history of fever and severe right ear pain. The mother reports that the child has a history of frequent (1)___________ ear infections. He recently had an upper respiratory (2)__________ infection and over the past 2 days has developed fever and pain in his right ear. There is no drainage from the ear. The mother reports that the child has [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)
Using an ICD-9-CM code book, select the appropriate code(s) for the diagnostic statements given in the following questions [Medical Billing Coding Insurance] (3)