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About the History category [History] (1)
Which of these best characterizes British involvement in India between 1700 and 1900? [Regional History] (2)
Examine the restrictions placed on freedom during World War I. What do you think of the term, "coercive patriotism? [History] (1)
Which statement best explains the German resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare? [Period Courses] (2)
What is your opinion of the Roosevelt Corollary and U.S. intervention in the Spanish American War, and the US/Cuban relationship around 1900? Please consider the Platt and Teller Amendments in your contribution [Topical History] (1)
When you compare the Progessive Era to the America of today - what are the similarities and differences, is there a connection? [Topical History] (1)
When large-scale ecological shifts caused warmer and dry environments in Africa about two hundred thousand years ago: [Regional History] (2)
History [History] (1)
"What Is Freedom?": Reconstruction, 1865–1877 [Survey Courses] (2)
Identity development in adolescents is defined as the process of: [Race & Gender Studies] (1)
Which of the following things aided in the growth of American democracy before the Civil War? [Period Courses] (1)
Which ruler saw himself as the defender of Catholicism? [Survey Courses] (2)
Who were the targets of the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre in France? [Survey Courses] (2)
What contributed to population growth during the 1500s? [Survey Courses] (2)
What did Martin Luther identify as the key to salvation? [Survey Courses] (2)
The main crop grown in Portuguese Brazil was __________ [Survey Courses] (2)
William Shakespeare's works were the centerpiece of the __________ [Survey Courses] (2)
What were the descendants of Spanish Muslims called? [Survey Courses] (2)
What did the Council of Trent do? [Survey Courses] (2)
Which group would most oppose the rule of Ivan IV? [Survey Courses] (2)
The Canterbury Tales presents the abstract principles of __________ morality through the stories of 30 pilgrims who represent different segments of society [Survey Courses] (2)
Which of the following was a result of the three-field system? [Survey Courses] (2)
Which of the following was a technological innovation associated with the agricultural revolution of the Middle Ages? [Survey Courses] (2)
The doctrine of transubstantiation sought to answer the question raised in the observance of the __________ [Survey Courses] (2)
What do the coronations of Charlemagne, Otto I the Great, and Hugh Capet share in common? [Survey Courses] (2)
Which of the following things aided in the growth of American democracy before the Civil War? [Period Courses] (1)
Which of the following best describes the way historians characterize the Atlantic World from the 16th-18th century? [Period Courses] (1)
Which of the following was not an issue the American colonists had with Great Britain in the 1760s and 1770s? [Period Courses] (1)
Which best describes the events that led to the creation of the US Constitution? [Period Courses] (1)
How did England's governance of its American colonies change over time? [Period Courses] (1)