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About the History category [History] (1)
One of the most dramatic economic transformations that had occurred by the early twenty-first century was [Period Courses] (2)
In the year 2002, the foreign-born population accounted for ____ percent of the United States' population [Period Courses] (1)
A major Mexican American cultural festival that was historically encouraged by the Mexican government is [Period Courses] (2)
In a recognition of the new demands on family created by changing economic and social conditions, Congress in 1993 passed [Period Courses] (3)
By the 2000s, one of the most astonishing trends for women in the job market was [Period Courses] (1)
The greatest problem of American metropolitan areas in the early twenty-first century remained [Period Courses] (3)
Which of the following was not among the notable American architects of post-World War II era? [Period Courses] (3)
The American minority with the highest household income is [Period Courses] (2)
What was notable about Native Americans who lived in the Great Plains? [Survey Courses] (2)
The powerful antigovernment mood of the early 1990s was shown by all of the following except [Period Courses] (3)
The response to the terrorist attacks raised concerns for protection of the civil liberties of [History] (2)
Where is the Kaaba located? [Survey Courses] (3)
The excerpts by Augustine of Hippo and from the Quran both view war as __________ [Survey Courses] (2)
In contrast to the emperors during the Julio–Claudian dynasty, the emperors in the Antonine Age were chosen based on __________ [Survey Courses] (2)
The Epicureans, the Stoics, and the Cynics contributed to the field of __________ in the Hellenistic Age [Survey Courses] (2)
The Abbasid caliphate established its capital in __________ [Survey Courses] (2)
Which of the following is an interpretation of jihad accepted by most Muslim scholars today? [Survey Courses] (2)
After the fall of the Roman Empire in the West, the eastern half of the empire centered in Constantinople came to be known as the __________ [Survey Courses] (2)
Members of the aristocratic governing class in Rome were known as the _____________ [Period Courses] (2)
Which modern revolution is an example of a political, rather than social, revolution? [History] (2)
The Townshend Revenue Act of 1767 [Period Courses] (2)
A person adopting the competing style for conflict has high concern for self and the other [Survey Courses] (3)
A person adopting the avoiding style for conflict has low concern for the other and high concern for self [Survey Courses] (3)
A person adopting the obliging style for conflict has high concern for the other and low concern for self [Survey Courses] (3)
A study by Dunbar and Burgoon on the verbal and nonverbal indicators of power in married couples found that men and women were significantly different in how they expressed power verbally and nonverbally [Survey Courses] (3)
According to a study by Vogel et al. in 2007, husbands exhibited more power in a decision-making exercise than their wives did [Survey Courses] (3)
Sex role stereotypes in the United States suggest that wives have more power in decision making than their husbands [Survey Courses] (3)
In an interpersonal relationship, engaging in conflict with a relational partner is always destructive for the relationship [Survey Courses] (3)
Violence within interpersonal relationships is distressingly common in the United States [Survey Courses] (3)