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The legally recognized privilege to protect oneself from injury by another using the force that is reasonably necessary under the circumstances is called: [Paralegal Studies] (2)
What is the difference between a self executing agreement and a non self executing agreement? [Paralegal Studies] (2)
X co. with 10 employees discriminates against green card holders. Is it liable under [Paralegal Studies] (2)
An ethical concern with documents sent by e-mail is: [Paralegal Studies] (3)
Another term for a transmittal letter is a: [Paralegal Studies] (3)
A letter advising a client of the status of his or her case is called a: [Paralegal Studies] (3)
Which of the following is not proper e-mail etiquette? [Paralegal Studies] (3)
The most persuasively written type of correspondence is: [Paralegal Studies] (3)
A paralegal should never sign or send on his own behalf the following type of letter: [Paralegal Studies] (3)
The following type of client would most likely anticipate receiving periodic reports such as case summaries: [Paralegal Studies] (3)
After reaching an agreement, a lawyer may direct a legal assistant to draft a letter summarizing the substantive parts of that agreement by way of the following type of correspondence: [Paralegal Studies] (3)
The best salutation to use when addressing correspondence filing a document with a county clerk, whose known you don't know is: [Paralegal Studies] (3)
A letter used to try to initiate settlement between two parties is called: [Paralegal Studies] (3)
One way of summarizing the factual basis of a case is to prepare a ________ of events [Paralegal Studies] (3)
A letter used to explain documents that are included with the letter is known as a ________ letter [Paralegal Studies] (3)
A letter sent to verify a conversation is known as a ________ letter [Paralegal Studies] (3)
The phrase, "Dear Clerk" is found in the ________ of a letter [Paralegal Studies] (3)
The phrases, "Sincerely" or "Very truly yours" are found in the ________ of a letter [Paralegal Studies] (3)
Agreements changing a court date are reflected by a ________ letter [Paralegal Studies] (3)
An ________ letter analyzes a particular factual situation in light of existing law and offers a legal opinion to the reader [Paralegal Studies] (3)
The ________ address contains the name, title, and address of the person to whom the correspondence is sent [Paralegal Studies] (3)
E-mail communication in a law office is not considered business correspondence [Paralegal Studies] (3)
Verification of damages should be included with a demand letter [Paralegal Studies] (3)
The statement of facts in a demand letter is a critical part of the letter [Paralegal Studies] (3)
Opinion letters are usually written in a persuasive tone [Paralegal Studies] (3)
An opinion letter analyzes the law, but not the facts of a case [Paralegal Studies] (3)
Case summaries are mainly prepared for judges [Paralegal Studies] (3)
A case summary contains the main ideas found in the summarized comments or data [Paralegal Studies] (3)
With any legal correspondence, the question of who receives copies is important [Paralegal Studies] (3)