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The LPN is considering going back to school to become an RN. Which type of decision making is required in this situation? [LPN / LVN] (2)
A hospitalized patient with possible renal insufficiency after coronary artery bypass surgery is scheduled for a creatinine clearance test. Which equipment will the nurse need to obtain? [Medical Surgical Health Assessment Critical Care] (2)
What techniques are used during a physical assessment? [Medical Surgical Health Assessment Critical Care] (2)
The nurse is preparing to administer high-dose methylprednisolone to a client diagnosed with a spinal cord injury. The nurse realizes that for this medication to be most effective treatment should begin: [Medical Surgical Health Assessment Critical Care] (3)
When using a disposable chemical cold pack, you should check the patient's skin every [LPN / LVN] (3)
The ice bag should be [LPN / LVN] (3)
When you fill an ice bag, put in enough ice to make the bag [LPN / LVN] (3)
Heat affects the body by [LPN / LVN] (3)
Cold affects the body by [LPN / LVN] (3)
When moisture is added to a heat or cold application, it [LPN / LVN] (3)
Pureed foods should be watery when served [LPN / LVN] (3)
Patients receiving tube feedings are always NPO [LPN / LVN] (3)
Maintaining proper food temperature is key to preventing food-borne infection [LPN / LVN] (3)
As a rule, foods that come from animals are naturally lower in fat than foods from plants [LPN / LVN] (3)
Wound drainage should be recorded as fluid output [LPN / LVN] (3)
When assisting with meals, allow the patient to do as much as possible [LPN / LVN] (3)
Before passing drinking water, find out which patients are not allowed to have ice water [LPN / LVN] (3)
Illness decreases a patient's need for insulin [LPN / LVN] (3)
Poultry is an example of an incomplete protein [LPN / LVN] (3)
Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) is a procedure that is routinely performed by nursing assistants [LPN / LVN] (3)
Signs and symptoms of dysphagia are [LPN / LVN] (3)
A calorie count is done to [LPN / LVN] (3)
When spoon-feeding a patient who has had a stroke, [LPN / LVN] (3)
Test hot foods by [LPN / LVN] (3)
Before serving a meal tray, [LPN / LVN] (3)
"Force fluids" means to [LPN / LVN] (3)
Which of the following would be least effective for a patient with GERD? [LPN / LVN] (3)
A patient with gallbladder disease may be on a [LPN / LVN] (3)
You can expect a patient with which diagnosis to be on a sodium-restricted diet? [LPN / LVN] (3)