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About the Nursing category [Nursing] (1)
Which of the following statements most accurately conveys an aspect of lymphatic system activity? [Pathophysiology for Nursing] (2)
When giving a tap water enema, the nurse inserts the tip of the rectal tube into the rectum 2 or 3 inches and raises the enema can [Fundamentals / Introductory] (2)
Kidney troubles [Fundamentals / Introductory] (1)
In developing a problem statement, a researcher speaks to each of the following except: [Community / Public Health / Research] (4)
How many milliliters of a 1:30 dextrose solution contain 3 grams of dextrose? [Dosage / Calculations] (3)
When an asthmatic patient is admitted to the ED, what is the first line drug? [Pharmacology / Drug Therapy] (2)
Jolene insists she can get all the antioxidant nutrients she needs from a vitamin supplement. Which of the following statements is most accurate about antioxidants? [Nutrition / Diet Therapy] (2)
Safety rules for transferring clients from the bed to a wheelchair include [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
Oral hygiene for the client with dentures includes [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
When assisting the client with oral hygiene, the aide should [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
The type of transfer used to move a client with strong arms and paralyzed legs is the [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
A stand-pivot transfer is used when a client [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
Approximately how many milliliters are in 1 ounce of liquid? [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
The client with a hearing loss may [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
To avoid getting the bed wet when giving the bedridden client a shampoo, the home- maker/home health aide should [Gerontology / Adult Health] (4)
You are assigned to care for a client with chronic dementia. You receive the following instructions. You should question [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
The homemaker/home health aide should check with the case manager before nail care to a client with [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
A cardinal rule that must be followed when giving an infant a bath is never to [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
The purpose of proper breast care for a mother who is breast-feeding her infant is to [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
After feeding an infant, the infant should be burped and laid on the [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
Safe use of oxygen includes [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
You find your client Mr. Williams uncon scious on the floor in his apartment. After you determine that there is a pulse and he is breathing, you should immediately [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
Mr. Adams is unconscious. The plan of care reads that he is to be turned every 2 hours. You should [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
Match each term with the correct phrase [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
Your neighbor's mother is one of the clients who is assigned to your agency, but she is not your client. She wants to call you once a week to find out about her mother. You should [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
Match the descriptive type of communication with the appropriate letter [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
You are assigned to duty on a day you asked to have off for an appointment. You should [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
A homemaker/home health aide should recognize that the way people react to situations [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)
You think some of the equipment is in poor condition with frayed cords and so on, and you are concerned about the possibility of fire. You should [Gerontology / Adult Health] (3)