Nutritional Science

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Foods such as _____ are rich in _____ fat, which helps to lower LDL cholesterol [Nutritional Science] (1)
A healthy diet for adults should provide _____ percent of total calories from fat [Nutritional Science] (1)
Chase is concerned that Rhonda is not getting some essential vitamins because of her vegan diet. Which of the following vitamins should Rhonda consider supplementing [Nutritional Science] (2)
Vitamin C increases the absorption of non-heme iron, so if you are a vegan, using lemon juice on a salad containing spinach and be beneficial for iron status [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
Which of the following nutrients is critically important for converting amino acids to energy and for synthesizing non-essential amino acids? [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
Why did sailors prior to the 1800s suffer from a disease that caused old wounds to open? [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
When Rocky, in the classic 1970 film, cracked five raw eggs into a glass and drank them prior to his training run, he was benefiting his B vitamin status with respect to Biotin [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
Fluoride becomes incorporated into the crystalline structure of teeth, making them less susceptible to decay [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
To serve its function in oxygen delivery to body tissues, iron must interact closely with copper and vitamin C [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
Excess water consumption can lead to hyponatremia [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
Vitamin A toxicity generally results form over consumption of preformed vitamin A, which is found in abundance in green and yellow vegetables [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
In very hot climates, overexposure to the sun may result in vitamin D toxicity [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
Vitamin B6 deficiency results in microcytic hypochromic anemia [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
The B vitamins contain 4 kilocalories per gram [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
Thiamin is required for the fomation of red blood cells [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
Vitamin C plays an important role as a coenzyme in energy metabolism [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
If necessary, the amino acid tryptophan can be converted to niacin [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
Peripheral neuropathy is a classic symptom of beriberi [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
By which of the following mechanisms does iron contribute to energy needs of a healthy active person? [Introductory Nutrition] (1)
When sodium ions enter the cell, water exits to maintain fluid balance [Introductory Nutrition] (1)
Calcium is the dominant mineral component of the cytochromes that are part of the Electron Transport System [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
High blood levels of magnesium may impair the release of insulin [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
Excess dietary fiber can inhibit zinc absorption [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
Chlorophyll in dark green leafy vegetables masks the presence of beta-carotene [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
Though calcium is necessary for bone health, an important immediate need for calcium is muscle contraction [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
Cardboard containers prevent UV destruction of niacin [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
Which of the following statements regarding selenium is true? [Introductory Nutrition] (2)
A group of individuals decides to live in the wild. They buy a plot of land and grow a variety of vegetables including corn as a staple source of kilocalories [Nutritional Science] (2)
Susan, age 42, has been burned over 30% of her body, including face, neck, arms, and chest, from a chemical explosion at work. ​ [Introductory Nutrition] (3)