Philosophy & Belief

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About the Philosophy & Belief category [Philosophy & Belief] (1)
The idea that the death penalty should be abolished is a [Ethics] (2)
Why is it more helpful for understanding world religions to speak of “basic” religions rather than “primitive” religions? [Religion] (1)
____ is the Pillar of Islam regarding the pilgrimage to Mecca [Religion] (2)
Russell argued that there is absolutely no “value” in studying philosophy [Introduction to Philosophy] (2)
In Meno, Socrates demonstrates: [Introduction to Philosophy] (2)
“We may wish to ask ourselves a central question, namely, what is a good argument? What makes it so? [Logic] (1)
Code of ethics: [Ethics] (3)
Consequences have a number of dimensions that can be all of the following EXCEPT: [Ethics] (3)
The goals of critical thinking include all of the following EXCEPT: [Ethics] (3)
Rather than focusing on specific acts of individuals in specific situations, __________ asks that we consider whether the general practice or issue has good or desirable overall and long-term consequences [Ethics] (3)
What properties did Parmenides show being to have? [Introduction to Philosophy] (2)
According to Jain teachings, all living beings owe their present form to their own [Religion] (3)
Mahavira’s life was similar to what other religious figure’s life? [Religion] (3)
This Jain festival lasts for eight days and encourages the laity to live as monks for at least one day [Religion] (3)
Why did the Jains separate into two sects by 80 B.C.E., sects that still exist today? [Religion] (3)
Which of the following is not likely to be the profession of a devout Jain? [Religion] (3)
What is one way Jains worship at home? [Religion] (3)
Which of the following is true regarding the role of women in the Digambara Jain sect? [Religion] (3)
One of the five vows Jain monks take is to renounce this pleasure [Religion] (3)
Jains have become one of the wealthiest groups in modern India because of their emphasis on truthfulness and their reputation for being [Religion] (3)
What Hindu holiday do Jains observe? [Religion] (3)
This group is located in northern India and is liberal in its interpretation of Mahavira’s teachings [Religion] (3)
How many Tirthankaras do Jains worship in their temples? [Religion] (3)
Why are Jains one of the wealthiest classes in India? [Religion] (3)
Orthodox Jains believe that these are the actual sermons or teachings Mahavira gave to his disciples [Religion] (3)
The philosophical worldview of Jainism can be described as [Religion] (3)
Practitioners of this religion and Jains share an understanding of time and religion [Religion] (3)
Of the following, which two of the world’s great missionary religions? [Religion] (3)
Based on Mahavira’s life, which of the following words best describes ascetic life? [Religion] (3)