Political Science

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About the Political Science category [Political Science] (1)
Explain the reasons that globalization and export-import businesses are important to the United States [International Relations] (1)
Which public policy model believes policies are made by a relatively small group of highly influential leaders who share common outlooks and goals? [American Government & Politics] (3)
If a modern international relations scholar of realist theory could travel back in time to the years before World War I, he or she might have predicted that the U.S. would ally with Germany. Why? [American Government & Politics] (2)
Which of the following classes of corporations appears to have the LEAST business tax burden in Texas? [Comparative Politics & Area Studies] (5)
One fundamental problem with Social Security is that the program pays out more in benefits than it collects in taxes [American Government & Politics] (2)
Policy implementation occurs before a law is enacted [American Government & Politics] (2)
Which part of the policymaking process starts after a decision has been made and ends when the goals of the policy have been achieved? [American Government & Politics] (2)
Which of the following is a provision of the 1996 Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act? [American Government & Politics] (2)
In 2005, Congress passed a law that partially privatized Social Security [American Government & Politics] (2)
What are the two broad sets of tools for managing the economy? [American Government & Politics] (2)
The institution charged with implementing monetary policy through managing the nation's money supply is the [American Government & Politics] (2)
Pluralism believes that policy is shaped by a minority with great political and economic power [American Government & Politics] (2)
Within the context of policymaking, public opinion is an example of [American Government & Politics] (2)
Redistributive policy provides tangible benefits to individuals and groups in a noncompetitive manner [American Government & Politics] (2)
The preventive approach to social-welfare policies that benefit the poor is based on the assumption that individuals are poor because of their own moral and character defects [American Government & Politics] (2)
The United States has more generous social-welfare policies than do most other advanced industrialized democracies [American Government & Politics] (2)
What area of public policy stresses the importance of controlling inflation through control of the money supply? [American Government & Politics] (2)
If the government were to announce that increased tax revenues will be used to provide more welfare benefits for the poor, this would be an example of a(n) [American Government & Politics] (2)
A congressional hearing to study the effectiveness of food inspection laws illustrates the __________ stage of the policymaking process [American Government & Politics] (2)
In the policy formulation stage of the policymaking process, [American Government & Politics] (2)
Why are public pensions in Europe in even greater trouble than Social Security in the United States? [American Government & Politics] (2)
In 2011, the House of Representatives passed a bill that reaffirmed “In God We Trust” as the national motto, despite the fact that Congress had already made it the national motto in 1956 [American Government & Politics] (2)
All of the following are foreign policy objectives that could be met through economic statecraft EXCEPT: [International Relations] (2)
All of the following would be considered positive uses of sanctions or carrots EXCEPT: [International Relations] (2)
Which of the following is NOT important in influencing public policy? [Public Policy & Public Administration] (2)
__________ diplomacy involves threatening strategies that aim to persuade and deter an adversary [International Relations] (2)
________________ is the claim that each person is of equal worth and a subject of moral concern [International Relations] (2)
Grand juries return indictments in only 10 percent of the cases that they hear. [American Government & Politics] (3)
In the Constitution, which word best describes the office of the president? [American Government & Politics] (1)