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About the Psychology category [Psychology] (1)
Describe what kinds of attributions are associated with the development of learned helplessness [Social & Applied Psychology] (2)
Provide an example of a social dilemma as it relates to the environment [Social & Applied Psychology] (2)
Bill is a telemarketer for an insurance firm. He would like to be a physician, but it requires too much training, time, and expense. Besides, this job pays the bills [General Psychology] (2)
Which exemplifies infantilization speech? [General Psychology] (1)
What trait/behavior do children with conduct disorder lack, which should have developed as a young child? [Developmental Psychology] (1)
What have archival analyses of sexually explicit materials revealed about pornography usage? [Social & Applied Psychology] (2)
Research shows that the hedonic and eudaimonic views of happiness are ___________. [General Psychology] (2)
The use of inferential statistics helps us decide whether to reject the null hypothesis by [Experimental Psychology] (2)
The process by which thoughts and actions are repeated in sequence enough times to no longer require much conscious thought is called: [Developmental Psychology] (2)
Provide scaffolding to make success possible in various domains. Why is this a good strategy of developing self-concept? [General Psychology] (1)
A _____ disorder is a set of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral symptoms that are significantly distressing and disabling [General Psychology] (2)
Recent research has shown that up to _____ of adolescent girls consider themselves overweight, even though less than ______ are medically overweight [Developmental Psychology] (2)
Kevin flosses twice a week. If told that other students at his college floss 10 times a week, research by Schmiege et al. (2010) suggests that Kevin [Social & Applied Psychology] (2)
This type of psychologist is able to diagnose and treat mental disorders by writing prescriptions for medicine in addition to providing behavioral therapy; to become this type of therapist requires an individual to obtain a medical degree [General Psychology] (2)
A drag queen who is gay and who cross-dresses would probably not be diagnosed with transvestic disorder because [Abnormal & Clinical Psychology] (3)
Which of the following is true regarding masturbation during early childhood? [Social & Applied Psychology] (2)
A state of tension and arousal triggered by cues important for survival is referred to as ____.​ [General Psychology] (4)
Linda presents a no-nonsense public self at work. She tells her employees they can always leave if they don't like her treatment [Social & Applied Psychology] (4)
Giovanni's car was in a snow bank, and his rear wheels were without traction. He used his ski jacket under one tire and a flattened cardboard box under the other tire to provide the traction he needed to get the car out of the snow bank [General Psychology] (3)
The theory of emotional intelligence suggests that emotional intelligence [General Psychology] (3)
A direct assessment involves: [Personality Psychology] (2)
My cat has a reflex that leads to drooling when I rub his lower back. Drooling is an example of a(n): [General Psychology] (2)
Which experimental design would you use if you were going to use evaluated an exercise program that involved gradually increasing the amount that you exercised in steps across weeks? [Personality Psychology] (2)
Which of the following is NOT a problem with the DSM? [General Psychology] (2)
Which of the following statements about the MMPI is NOT true? [General Psychology] (2)
Which of the following is a situation that increases the likelihood someone will act altruistically? [General Psychology] (3)
What are some of the undesirable consequences that people experience when they underestimate the power of social influence? [Social & Applied Psychology] (1)
Gordon wears the same blue shirt to class each time he has a major test because he believes that wearing that shirt will assure him an “A” just like he got on the first test when he was wearing this blue shirt [General Psychology] (2)
The process that used to be known as “mainstreaming,” is now called ________ [General Psychology] (2)