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About the Psychology category [Psychology] (1)
The postsynaptic effects that are induced by most neurotransmitters are ended through the process of: [Physiological & Bio Psychology] (2)
In order to produce a depolarization (EPSP) or hyperpolarization (IPSP), neurotransmitters: [Physiological & Bio Psychology] (2)
Which of the following appears to be the best predictor of workplace burnout based on research by Evans and colleagues (2006)? [General Psychology] (3)
As a couples therapist, you know that ________ interactions predict future marital dissatisfaction [Abnormal & Clinical Psychology] (2)
Which school of thought in psychology tried to explain how specific behaviors and mental processes help a person adapt to the environment? [General Psychology] (4)
Studies indicate that sexual orientation is [Developmental Psychology] (2)
Which statement is only true for the t test for dependent means rather than t tests in general? [Experimental Psychology] (2)
When you take something good away from someone in response to their behavior, it is called _____ [General Psychology] (3)
The replacement behavior should be ______ to the problem behavior [General Psychology] (2)
Which intelligence involves physical movement or using body or body parts to solve problems? [Developmental Psychology] (2)
People with closer ties to others have? [General Psychology] (2)
At what age are the closest and most enduring relationships formed? [Developmental Psychology] (2)
Three principal problem categories most frequently encountered in counseling relationships are [Developmental Psychology] (2)
Janet and her husband are thrilled as they look into Janet's uterus by means of an ultrasound. The physician reports that the baby is only 1½ inches long and is about 8 weeks along. Janet's baby is at the [General Psychology] (2)
All of the following are true regarding the current DSM except for which statement? [Abnormal & Clinical Psychology] (2)
What describes the chances that a low-ability test taker will obtain each score? [Psychological Assessment] (4)
Because looking for candidate genes for particular phenotypes does not result in complete findings, contemporary functional geneticists often use [General Psychology] (1)
According to Dr. Frances, the positive impacts of increased diagnostic sensitivity include: [Abnormal & Clinical Psychology] (2)
Humans are capable of having direct inner awareness of [General Psychology] (4)
When the PAI and the MMPI-2 personality assessments are compared, what is better about the PAI? [Abnormal & Clinical Psychology] (2)
When the PAI and the MMPI-2 personality assessments are compared, what is better about the PAI? [Abnormal & Clinical Psychology] (2)
According to your text, what is one reason to subject the DSM to continuous evaluation and revision? [Abnormal & Clinical Psychology] (2)
When you learned to read English, you may have learned the following saying: "When two vowels go walking, the first does the talking.". If we were to apply this rule to heterozygous genes, we would be most accurate if we said, "When two genes go walking, the ____ one does the talking." [Developmental Psychology] (4)
Animism is ____ [Developmental Psychology] (2)
Which of the following statements is true? [Developmental Psychology] (2)
Spontaneous, voluntary behaviors that you engage in by choice are called ________ behaviors [General Psychology] (1)
College-age men are more likely to engage in risky behaviors, such as drugs, alcohol, unprotected sex, and driving dangerously. True or false? [Abnormal & Clinical Psychology] (2)
Drinking alcohol before bed is the best way to treat insomnia. True or false? [Abnormal & Clinical Psychology] (2)
Social isolation decreases the risk of illness and mortality. True or false? [Abnormal & Clinical Psychology] (2)