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About the Psychology category [Psychology] (1)
What are some of the undesirable consequences that people experience when they underestimate the power of social influence? [Social & Applied Psychology] (1)
Gordon wears the same blue shirt to class each time he has a major test because he believes that wearing that shirt will assure him an “A” just like he got on the first test when he was wearing this blue shirt [General Psychology] (2)
The process that used to be known as “mainstreaming,” is now called ________ [General Psychology] (2)
A psychological test is said to be valid to the extent that it: [General Psychology] (2)
Which of the following alternative best expresses the distinction between the WAIS and WISC? [General Psychology] (2)
The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health: [Developmental Psychology] (3)
Enablement theory was developed to describe the fact that: [Developmental Psychology] (3)
Tests at the participation level usually: [Developmental Psychology] (3)
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of standardized tests? [Developmental Psychology] (3)
In the book chapter, a discussion of dynamometry concludes that: [Developmental Psychology] (3)
The standard against which the end result of a health care intervention is assessed is commonly known as a: [Developmental Psychology] (3)
Which of the following differentiates qualitative from quantitative assessment methods? [Developmental Psychology] (3)
An man comes to the first visit and says his main goal is to be able to take care of himself so as not to be aren't a burden to his daughter. An assessment aimed at identifying the strengths and interfering factors to this goal is considered: [Developmental Psychology] (3)
Specificity is a term associated with screening tests. It means: [Developmental Psychology] (3)
Which of the following describes tests and measures? [Developmental Psychology] (3)
Which of the following statements is NOT accurate concerning advocacy and political action by health professionals? [Developmental Psychology] (3)
Rehabilitation services: [Developmental Psychology] (3)
The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) mandates that: [Developmental Psychology] (3)
If a health care organization is reimbursed a set amount based on a diagnosis codes, this payment system is referred to as: [Developmental Psychology] (3)
Which of the following statements about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 is NOT true? [Developmental Psychology] (3)
After a 75-year-old woman who has had a total hip implant surgery is discharged from the hospital, any therapy services she receives would be covered under: [Developmental Psychology] (3)
If a 75-year-old woman falls and breaks her hip, her hospital expenses would be covered under: [Developmental Psychology] (3)
The program that is most likely to pay for a power mobility system for a child with a disability such as cerebral palsy is: [Developmental Psychology] (3)
The Americans with Disabilities Act mandates that: [Developmental Psychology] (3)
Which of the following is NOT an example of the construct of social justice? [Developmental Psychology] (3)
A person observes her neighbors enjoying participation in a mall walking program for seniors and decides to give it a try. This is an example of health behavior adoption from which theoretical paradigm? [Developmental Psychology] (3)
An approach to improving health and wellness by preventing and managing chronic conditions through building healthier lifestyles in community-centered small groups led by a facilitator is known as: [Developmental Psychology] (3)
Which of the following statements is true of fall prevention programs? [Developmental Psychology] (3)
Counseling a client to quit smoking, according to the health belief model is most likely to be effective if: [Developmental Psychology] (3)