Social Work & Human Services

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About the Social Work & Human Services category [Social Work & Human Services] (1)
The urge to control is not a common motivation among social workers [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
In Cournoyer's formula for personal and professional distress among social workers, perceived stressors involved in direct service to clients include(s) which of the following? [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
Selye established which of the following categories of stress? [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
Worker-initiated contacts with former clients are almost always helpful [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
You should make clients aware that if they choose to discontinue before accomplishing agreed-upon goals, they cannot come back [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
Clients may react to the conclusion of a helping relationship by: [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
The National Association of Social Workers' Code of Ethics contains which of the following passages regarding termination of services? [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
The three-point, time-series design can determine causality [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
Single-system designs are usually more appropriate in agency-based practice rather than in applied research settings [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
Confrontation should involve inferential rather than descriptive language [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
In evaluation models, outputs provide the socially justifying reason for the intervention or program, whereas outcomes are generally stepping-stones to some further benefit [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
Which of the following is (are) true regarding goal attainment scaling? [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
________ represents a form of process evaluation that addresses the key question of: Is the program activity or service plan being implemented as designed? [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
Which of the following is (are) true? [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
Both program and practice evaluation involves which of the following variables? [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
A program evaluation that involves securing data about whether a program is operational as planned and, if it is, how well it is operating is called: [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
The ________ phase of program evaluation involves determining by objective methods if a program being considered is really needed or if an existing program is still needed [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
You should never schedule a special meeting among conflicting parties of a team to help resolve differences [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
In a comparison of nonzero-sum games under different communication conditions, it revealed that greater communication increases cooperation among all categories of players [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
All professionals need power and authority if we are to provide effective service [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
Failure to adopt reasonable procedures and due process in case conferences could constitute professional malpractice [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
The text describes ________ as when individuals on a team avoid disagreement and feel less accountable for what happens and consequently become less thorough [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
In nonzero-sum games, players who are interested only in their own payoffs are called: [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
In the ________, Dr. Richard Cabot encouraged hospitals to employ social workers to work with doctors and nurses and aid patients with the social aspects of their medical conditions [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
A social worker and Parent Anonymous mutual aid group work to provide mutual aid and support to parents who, under stress, may abuse their children. This is an example of an interagency ________ team [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
A public health nurse, adult protection worker, and senior citizen center worker meet to develop a protection and activity plan for a vulnerable older person living alone. This is an example of an interagency ________ team [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
A team leader should ensure which of the following? [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
Some social support networks may have negative consequences [Field Work & Practicum] (3)
Isolation of neglectful parents from formal and informal support networks may contribute to child abuse [Field Work & Practicum] (3)