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About the Sociology category [Sociology] (1)
Which perspective is found in cultures that encourages couples to have children and believe that not having children is selfish? [Family] (2)
Which statement has been found to be true concerning employment patterns and economic well-being? [Family] (4)
One clan of indigenous peoples in Papua New Guinea adopted the fish as the __________ of their group [Introductory Sociology] (2)
What is the "second shift"? [Introductory Sociology] (1)
When a couple gets married and vows to remain faithful, they are expressing a(n) __________ [Family] (2)
Dr. Monjay is conducting research on Americans who voluntarily remain childfree. He has surveyed 1000 childless adults and 1000 adults with children. Which can be expected? [Family] (4)
Based on the general fertility rate over the past 50 years of women aged 15–44 in the United States, one can expect the rate to ________ because of ________ factors [Family] (4)
Dr. Wong is doing research in a country with a contraceptive use rate below 25% and a general fertility rate of 7. What assumption can be made about this country? [Family] (4)
According to Sanderson and Alderson: [Introductory Sociology] (1)
What characteristics of men's lives today would help explain the growing popularity of bro-cations? [Introductory Sociology] (2)
Which of these is not in the top four reasons that divorced people give as a reason for their divorce? [Family] (2)
Sanderson and Alderson argues that the major evolutionary trend in the ownership of productive resources in precapitalist societies is in the direction of [Introductory Sociology] (3)
Reason elderly people are increasing in the USA [Aging / Life Course / Death] (1)
__________ is a myth about the institution of the family [Introductory Sociology] (2)
Cell phones, text messaging, and the internet are tools that facilitate social movements [Introductory Sociology] (3)
Often, a social movement is triggered by some event that brings together people to demand change [Introductory Sociology] (3)
Research on social movements shows that the poorest people join social movements to change their personal situation [Introductory Sociology] (3)
Objective deprivation is a condition that applies to those who are the worst off or most disadvantaged [Introductory Sociology] (3)
Revolutionary movements seek to turn back the hands of time to an earlier condition or "golden era." [Introductory Sociology] (3)
A social movement that seeks to increase awareness of an issue is a regressive movement [Introductory Sociology] (3)
Social movements that advocate returning to an earlier era are counterrevolutionary movements [Introductory Sociology] (3)
The protest by California college students effectively prevented a price hike in fees and tuition [Introductory Sociology] (3)
Sociologist Ralf Dahrendorf offers a two-stage model to capture the life of a social movement [Introductory Sociology] (3)
Robotic technologies have roots in conflict [Introductory Sociology] (3)
Swarm robotics is teams of miniature flying robots that produce honey [Introductory Sociology] (3)
Any kind of conflict has the potential to trigger change [Introductory Sociology] (3)
A scientific revolution occurs when enough people in the community reject an existing paradigm in favor of a new paradigm [Introductory Sociology] (3)
A single factor is usually responsible for change [Introductory Sociology] (3)
Robotic arms represent a new technology that does not depend on burning fossil fuels to work [Introductory Sociology] (3)