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Salesman for the ABC Plastics Company drive an average of 240 miles per day with a standard deviation of 36 miles. If samples of 25 daily mileages are taken, what is the standard deviation of the distribution of sample means? [Introductory Statistics] (1)
The distribution of scores on the SAT is approximately normal with µ = 500 and σ = 100 [Introductory Statistics] (1)
Most companies invest excess cash in bonds as investments in order to profit long-term from the growth of the investment [Advanced Statistics] (3)
If the best-fitting equation is of the form choose ________ in the Excel Trend Curve to model the data [Advanced Statistics] (3)
Which is not an assumption of the simple linear regression model? [Advanced Statistics] (3)
[Advanced Statistics] (3)
In linear regression the relationship between x<sub>i </sub>and y<sub>i</sub> is modeled by what equation? [Advanced Statistics] (3)
The relationship between MAD and S<sub>e </sub>is [Advanced Statistics] (3)
If the value of α that minimizes MAD exceeds ________ then simple exponential smoothing is not a recommended forecast technique [Advanced Statistics] (3)
Moving average question [Advanced Statistics] (3)
Alpha range question [Advanced Statistics] (3)
MAD stands for [Advanced Statistics] (3)
Which term is not required in Excel's OFFSET function? [Advanced Statistics] (3)
Percentage error is [Advanced Statistics] (3)
The @RISK function that creates correlated variables is [Advanced Statistics] (3)
In RISKTRIGEN(10, 50, 90, 25, 75), what two percentiles are used? [Advanced Statistics] (3)
For the function =RISKGENERAL(0, 40, {10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35}, {2, 9, 1, 3, 4, 7}), which is the most likely value? [Advanced Statistics] (3)
A series system functions only as long as [Advanced Statistics] (3)
The PERT distribution is related to the ________ distribution [Advanced Statistics] (3)
Which model uses the RISKTRIANG function? [Advanced Statistics] (3)
If you want to run a simulation with different levels of an input, which @RISK function do you use? [Advanced Statistics] (3)
What two arguments are in the RISKDISCRETE function? [Advanced Statistics] (3)
Which is not an @RISK function? [Advanced Statistics] (3)
Which of the following is not a capability of Process Model? [Advanced Statistics] (3)
If we know the mean and standard deviation of service times we can find the shape parameter, k, of the Erlang distribution by computing [Advanced Statistics] (3)
If only 30% of the customers move from server 1 to server 2, which dialog box will reflect this fact? [Advanced Statistics] (3)
When a series system has a finite buffer in front of at least one task, which of the following is true? [Advanced Statistics] (3)
When creating a series system, which is not a change that must be made to the M/M/1 system? [Advanced Statistics] (3)
To change from an M/M/1 queue to an M/M/2 queue, which option on the Activity dialog box is modified? [Advanced Statistics] (3)