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An AC system is not cooling as it should. This could be caused by all of these EXCEPT ________ [Automotive] (1)
Cabin filters may be treated with ________ to help reduce odors [Automotive] (1)
When should a refrigerant identifier should be used? [Automotive] (1)
Air flow is directed to the ________ when set to the "Defrost" mode [Automotive] (1)
The AC condenser is located ________ the radiator [Automotive] (1)
When a vehicle AC system is set to "MAX" there is an increase in fan noise inside the vehicle. Which of these could be the cause? [Automotive] (1)
Which of the following is a password security problem? [Automotive] (3)
Which of the following procedures would an entity most likely include in its disaster recovery plan? [Automotive] (3)
Answer the following statements true (T) or false (F) [Automotive] (3)
To what does Global Warming Potential (GWP) refer? [Automotive] (1)
To recover and recharge refrigerant from an HFO-1234yf system, a shop will need: [Automotive] (1)
CFC-12 recovery equipment has SAE 3/8-inch service fittings. HFC- 134a recovery equipment has: [Automotive] (1)
Which SAE standard(s) must be referred to on the label of approved HFC-134a refrigerant recycling machines? [Automotive] (1)
When recovery/recycling equipment is used to remove refrigerant from a mobile A/C system, how much lubricant will be removed during operation? [Automotive] (1)
Which item is not mentioned in the SAE J1991 standard of refrigerant purity? [Automotive] (1)
Why is it necessary to insure that service port caps containing good seals are installed? [Automotive] (1)
The technician's first step in A/C system service should be to: [Automotive] (1)
When can HFC-134a become combustible in a mobile air condition-ing system? [Automotive] (1)
When it has been determined that an A/C system has a low refrigerant charge, what should be done? [Automotive] (1)
HFO-1234yf has been tested and found compatible with: [Automotive] (1)
Which item is not mentioned in the SAE J2099 standard of refrigerant purity? [Automotive] (1)
PAG lubricant: [Automotive] (1)
Mineral-based lubricants are used in which type of mobile A/C system? [Automotive] (1)
What is the advantage of using refrigerant identification equipment? [Automotive] (1)
HFO-1234yf is classified as "A2L-mildly flammable." This means : [Automotive] (1)
Which of the following statements is correct about flushing A/C systems? [Automotive] (1)
An HFC-134a A/C system still has pressure after the first refrigerant recovery process is complete (including the five-minute pause), additional recovery necessary until the system vacuum level remains stable for: [Automotive] (1)
Why are shut-off valves located within 12 inches from the "vehicle ends" of A/C service equipment hoses? [Automotive] (1)
During HFC-134a refrigerant recovery, when gauge readings indicate pressure in an A/C system after a 5 minute pause since the system was drawn into a vacuum, you should: [Automotive] (1)