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African American English is found outside of the South, where it originated, due to [Developmental English] (1)
The original source of summarized materials does not need to be provided with the summary. [Developmental English] (1)
At what stage of writing a technical description should a purpose statement be included? [Technical Writing] (4)
Which of the following is NOT usually included in a sentence definition? [Technical Writing] (4)
After Mary said she did not receive the e-mail, I ________ it [Technical Writing] (3)
The police were going to ________ the stolen property [Technical Writing] (3)
She ________ halos while driving at night [Technical Writing] (3)
When editing, changing the writer's intent: a. is sometimes unavoidable [Technical Writing] (3)
"Keep your nose to the grindstone": [Technical Writing] (3)
If you are unsure about the accuracy of a statement: a. do nothing [Technical Writing] (3)
Check a calendar to make sure Tuesday, September 1 is not Wednesday, September 1 [Technical Writing] (3)
It is possible to edit the content of a message and proofread the mechanical errors at the same time [Technical Writing] (3)
Check for omissions of copy by comparing the final copy with the rough draft or the original document source [Technical Writing] (3)
Enumerations may be blocked at the left margin, indented, or a combination of the two throughout a document [Technical Writing] (3)
Proofread for mechanical errors after you have edited the document [Technical Writing] (3)
Wait a few minutes before you edit your own writing. You may find mistakes that you would have otherwise overlooked [Technical Writing] (3)
We ________ able to provide snacks for campers [Technical Writing] (3)
Asking people how much money they make is considered a rude, ________ question [Technical Writing] (3)
I prefer a ________ piece of pork [Technical Writing] (3)
Which of the following is not a common resume format? [Technical Writing] (3)
When listing your work experience: a. begin with your most recent work experience [Technical Writing] (3)
With a resume and cover letter you want to: a. impress the prospective employer with a long resume and short cover letter [Technical Writing] (3)
You may use your current employer's letterhead for a letter of application [Technical Writing] (3)
It is important to ask someone's permission before using them as a reference [Technical Writing] (3)
A three-page resume is more impressive than a one-page resume [Technical Writing] (3)
There is one correct way to do a resume [Technical Writing] (3)
A thank you for the interview letter should be sent seven days after the interview [Technical Writing] (3)
The letter of application and cover letter are the same thing [Technical Writing] (3)
Which of the following is not an acceptable complimentary close? [Technical Writing] (3)