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You have found a correlation coefficient of +.70 between the number of days students attend class and their grade point averages.

Describe what this correlation means both in its strength and direction; determine the percent of variance and explain what it means; and explain why this correlation does not prove causation between class attendance and grade point average.
What will be an ideal response?

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ANSWER: Answer will include that a coefficient of +.70 is a strong positive correlation from which we can predict that as students' attendance in class increases so does their grade point average and as their attendance in class decreases so does their grade point average. The percent of variance, or the amount of variation in their scores that can be accounted for by the observation of class attendance (and vice versa) is 49 percent. Although correlations allow us to predict from observations, we cannot conclude that a cause-and-effect relationship exists between class attendance and grade point average. In this case, it could be a third factor, such as both the attendance and grades being related to the amount of motivation or interest the student has in the class subject.

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